Sunday, January 17, 2016

One day without tv, How's your life?

Television is a magical things that can give sound and light out simultaneously. The television signal is distributed using radio frequency. Today it can be distributed by fiber optic or via internet. Television just like a box in a shape before, now shape of television is in development. Basically all of shape just like a cube, but some of them become a flat cube and have an arch shape. However that's just shape, we should view it from the function or maybe for some person view of the technology. Television was made for entertainment, at first there was just a few of channel and the picture was in black and white. Now the latest television also can get access from internet. It make the function of television not just for get some entertainments or the news on the channel, we can search any films, songs from television. For some television have a video call ca be done, how advanced technology is. Besides of that television be supported by conventional channel. Then, everyone can choose their favorite channel, either domestic or overseas channel. After choose their favorite channel, they can get their favorite film or film documentary or news until video clip songs. With all of advantages of television many people become addiction with television, for them no days without television.

Have you ever think, you make your day without television?. If not, try to think it first. May be you can't imagine it. It becomes a worst day? sure? without television means no news from television, no entertainment from television, no favorite film on favorite channel? Keep it away from your mind. why? without television you can't get the news? They will come to you automatically, if you still search for it. You can get the news from newspaper or people around. Think again, if you get it from people around, means you make a conversation with another and make your relation become better too, right? How about your entertainment? Just open your eyes. See the world with the other side! Out there many of challenges, the newest things are waiting you. Still have no idea for it? You can do your hobbies, visit your relatives or make some craft. Also you can sell the best craft or make it as a gift. So wake up and create something for our world. Then how about your favorite drama? there are internet and get it from there or you can record it from the television. Feel outdated? you can choose another day and re-arrange your schedule without television.

Monday, November 23, 2015


bring childhood memories
back to the past
laugh at everything did
feel ashamed on dream of childhood

New style story for Indonesian i think.. after million books with love stories. This book is interested for some unique people. It can make a strange good mood. But for some people who likes for something mainstream it will a boring book. For me, this book is something special in the start... but as another book. I feel disappointed with the end of story. It become usual story and boring with usual ending.

The story start with a couple, Rama and Shinta have no children. Then they make their home called "Rumah Lebah". Here everything was born. Everyday Rama made their children, puppet. Even they are just doll but Rama and Shinta love them so much and care them as child. Until one day Rama gives Shinta a porcelain as a gift and their first son. This book make us feel tat human can talk with the puppet and fell in love with them. In some part told that their adopted children fell in love with another porcelain. I feel not comfortable in this part cause the impossibility. The story keep on it's way where people and puppet are same. The story lead us to get in the love story between their children and every conflict inside. For this part i think its not differ much with other love story as taht way in the end.


a short word for peace day

a peace is the beginning for everything
without peace the world will not be a world
human not a human again
and a sentence can kill you every second

try to find out a protection?

How could we live without peace?
if someone said he can. It's a big lie, i think. No. I'm false, it's not a lie, but he doesn't know how the life judge.
Nowadays some people doesn't like a simple act for peace. Like helping each other,it may be caused they too busy for their own added now people become cyber people. Even some of them couldn't distinguish the real world. In a simple example why we need a peace. If we look from human nature as a social, for get a food he must make a peace with the seller to get the food. When they in trouble he could be hard to find his own food. Honestly i admit that hold up peace is not a simple way or maybe for solve some big problem especially for something make up a war is kind of hard. In this time i tried to shared my experience to hold up peace. Maybe just in little problem, but everything starting from the smallest, right?

When i was elementary school in third grade i feel that i hadn't get any problem with anyone.
But one day,
one of my girl friend stand on the table She brought her lunch and ate it with that position. At first i didn't say anything at her. But then i see, she tried to peeked the toilet. I dont know it's true or not, but she tried to teased everyone who got in the toilet. Casual my window class connected with the toilet. Maybe i was not who was teased by her, but i was disturbed of it. Cause if i was in their position i dont want it happened to me. So i tried to talked with her. I walked up to her and said "dont do that, i think yourself is not like be one of them too." She turned around and slapped her lunch to me. Lucky my best friend was in the class, so she took me to leaved the class. Since then i think she think we was enemy. But i really dont care about that at the time. 
in the end of semester my parents said that i should change school. I felt sad to hear that. I tried my best for my last year in the school and i remember that i got that accident. My hope at the time was i dont want have enemy when i got move so i think hard for it. Some day after that is my birthday so i used this chance to gave food for everyone included her. I hoped it could solve the problem. 
When i gave her the food, i said "sorry for everything and made her angry" and she replied silently. I tried to guest what she thought about me.
In the report day-it means my last day in that school- she came to me and said sorry for everything. Even she claim her self was wrong. She said a lot about this and gave me a souvenir to said good bye. i couldn't say anything at the time because i was shocked. The one thing i could did is hug her. At the time i knew, i problem was solved.

That was just a kid problem and they tried to solved it. Cause they realize it was important to get peace with everyone. If a young girl stand of it, why not with adults?


CAMPRT is a scouts that hols by school for every student in each semester to fill up scout score in Kurtilas. CAMPRT or Camping Pramuka Tiga one of special event in SMA3, so let me share my experience in CAMPRT this year.

Last weekend, i had a camp with my whole friend in SMA 3. And it was my first camp with my class. Last year the scout committee just held a walked journey for our scouts not a camp. I thought it will be fun cause i have known my friend each other. In the day everything become so delight. Someday before the day we prepared everything and made our group list. After all and checked in twice we got ready for the day.
And this is our day.


I came first in my group.
I couldn't wait for it.
At school i met with Satrio and Tias, my classmate. Tias asked us moved to the field ceremony. He as committee had prepared everything that will be needed. Included the transportation. He said we will used some army trucks. Before ther trucks came, we should check our absent first and took our tent. A tent for each group.
Sadly the truck that will be used by my class was late. The other class went at 7.30 am and my class should waited until 30 minutes. But everything didn't degrade our spirit. When the truck came, we had ready for everything. Nimbly the boy got in to the truck. They arranged the carrier and helped girl up.
In the trip, everyone talked about joke and sang some songs. It made us feel more comfortable and we spent 2 hours for it. When we arrived everyone had built their tent.
We have to catch up our delay, but we were lucky because our break time remaining before Friday prayers. We built our tent as fast as possible. Waiting the boy prayed, the girl had their own activity with Bu Ida. We discuss anything especially about female. Soon after that, the boy back to the camp. Then we ate our lunch box. After that the committee asked us to prepare for the wide games starting the food, drink, stationery and others. Every departure is filled up by 4 groups from each class.
Pos 1 
We walked from the camp to the first pos passed a big swamp. in the first post we had a P3K task. Each groups had their own task and my group should handle someone who had an accident and got a long laceration in right arm. The person got blooding in the left head. We tried to bind it no one of us know about it lol.
 Pos 2
After completed our task we continued our journey. In the second pos, we had a little game about KIM. KIM? what is that? KIM is a game that played with our five senses. Each group send five of the member to played this game. The first person will see some things in a time and must remembered it. The second person must guest a thing that he touched in closed eye. The third person should guest some kind of sound. The fourth person should guest some taste of food and should guest what food is it. The last should smell some things and guest what is it. All of that did in closed eyes except the first one of course.


This afternoon we will get back home. Before that,the committee gave us some tasks again. Early morning two person of each tent prepare for the breakfast and the other join the committee for a small games and did gymnastic. The committee gave us our "me time" until 8am. We used it for packing and made up the tent. Then the committee asked us followed them to a field and play some big games. Because of the time my class couldn't try every games and just prepared for our went home. Before that all of us took a picture. I put the picture below.

Monday, September 14, 2015


Belitung Street no.8
Bandung, Indonesia
September 5, 2015


subject : Designer Children Book

with reference the above subject, I would like to submit my application for that position. Here i have attached my application for your kind attention.

One major reason for which i decided to apply this post is the experience and some achievement i have. I had worked in Artcomplete Company as their cover designer two years and i ever opened my own company. I opened services for any kind of books design  online for one year later, by this I managed to get an city award of the best designer book for textbook. Beside of that i could use some application for design as Photoshop, Canva, Quizo, and AutoQ3D , therefore i could design manually or computerization it.

My papers is enclosed. I hope you consider my application. I will be glad to come for an interview in your most convenient time.




Designer - Children's Books

Location          : Somerset
Salary              : On Application
Posted             : 10 Sep 2015
Closes              : 10 Oct 2015
Ref                    : DB100915
Industry          : Design, Media, Creative, Publishing Hours Full Time
Contract          : Permanent
Listing Type   : Job vacancy

Designer - Books
Are you a talented and experienced designer looking for a role where you can demonstrate your creativity? This is a fantastic opportunity to work for a leading and highly successful non-fiction, illustrated publisher in their Design Department.  The role will involve working with best-selling and well-known brands within a fast-paced environment.
Reporting to the Group Designer, this role will involve creating innovative books, including tie-in product for high profile film releases and delivering strong, dynamic, commercially sound design that is appropriate to the brand, format, target market and end user.  You will also be involved in contributing ideas for new formats, packages, ranges, finishes and components;  attend monthly design meetings and project manage standalone titles or series from concept to print.  Other responsibilities will include assisting the group designer with franchise artwork refreshes and prepare freelance design/art briefs when required.
This is an exciting and interesting role for an individual who can deliver strong, dynamic and commercially sound design and the successful person will have demonstrable and relevant design experience, (minimum 18 months -3 years essential) ideally from a book, magazine or related background with strong skills inAdobe Creative Suite.
You will be a highly organised multi-tasker with the ability to handle a substantial workload, taking projects from concept to print on time and to budget. First class design skills are essential as is the ability to be creative.  Experience in children's publishing or working with licenses is desirable but not essential.
For further details on this fabulous role please forward a copy of your CV with 3 samples of your most  relevant work.

Friday, June 5, 2015


Last month my school held an event. It was a big event, my school mate should join this event cause we thought that this event was our event. We would go to Bali, result of our voting. We went there by train and bus. There was two groups of us. The first group had departure schedule at 5pm and the other one at 2pm. All of us gathered in the railway station first. The committee gave us our ticket in there and my seatmate was Mira, but after machinist checked our ticket we changed our seatmate on the train. My class have a big game in the train, played TOD, Thriller story and surely our games :).
We arrived in Surabaya, our first transit at 6am. We wont farted our time, so we continued our trip to next destination by bus. At night we could see the beautiful sea! Because we were on the boat crossed the strait. At midnight we arrived on our hotel.

In the next day we had ac chance to went Tanjung Benoa. Here we could play many watersport there. On the way my class got a guide, Actually another class got a guide too. But guide in my bus was special (ahahaha). His name is Bli Nengah, He had many jokes and his voice so soft. Every history that told by him was like a bedtime stories for us hahaha plus our condition ws very tired. Almost part of us slept when Bli Nengah Explained something. But he never Gave up on us, he had may jokes so we could laugh on the way and felt more healthy. After that we went to Pantai Pandawa. This shore is the best shore i have ever seen.

Thats the picture i took from Pantai pandawa. I loved it so much cause there is many statue of pandawa in there and the shore is very clean and i hope when i went there for the second. it still good like before.

Look at the sand! that's so white and so out-of-the-way!
i tried wrote my next college hehe

Our next destination was Garua Wisnu Kencana.

It should be, all of us took a picture under Garuda Wisnu kencana statue, but cause one and other thing we must changed our plan. There was a kecak dance showing. we moved to that event and still in GWK building. Finally we took picture in there under the moonlight.

In the forth day we went to Desa Adat Panglipuran. The committee had three big games in there. They made it like pos to pos. In the first place we play charades. I tried to guessed the word and Satrio, my friend would tell me the clue.

after we played all of the game, my class took a photo in front of wihara. then we continue our trp

Our last destination was Kuta. i took many photos in there. everyone was playing with their gang and me? i jut waled alone on the shore until met Ahsani. We went down he shore, took some photos, played with the waves. That will be so memorable for me.

Now, time for us back to bandung. It was so tired experienced for me but i never regret this experienced.  Played with all my friend. Visited many places in bali. i could add my knowledge about Bali and of course about every character my classmate. last we had a good chance played in Tanah Lot. it was pretty. i tried reach the small island in the sea and finally my clothe was wet. and surely i must changed it. before that i looked for the white snake and touched it. it was skinny. 
the sound said that we must back to the bus and went home.
and thats all my story with my friend rip. sure, you have another one too. would you share it on me?